Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Northside Workforce Center Community Advisory Council Membership Application (DEADLINE EXTENDED: APRIL 5th)

The Community Advisory Council is seeking applications for membership. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of existing CAC members and representatives of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. Links to the applications forms can be found below. Please review Mission, Goals and Objectives before filling out an application:

The North Minneapolis Workforce Center Community Advisory Council
Mission, Goals, and Objectives
Prepared by the North Minneapolis Workforce Center Community Advisory Council

            The Community Advisory Council (CAC) will facilitate a process of community engagement that will provide meaningful and representative community input in the Workforce center redevelopment by ensuring that the vision, goals and success of the North Minneapolis community remains a priority in this project and other future developments. 


The CAC is accountable to the community and aims to develop a process of engagement that will increase the quality of life of its residents, workforce center customers, employees and outside stakeholders.  The CAC will execute our mission by helping to influence current and future development projects in North Minneapolis towards building a thriving local economy.  The CAC will remain the point of contact and source of community input for developers and the state, advise the state and the proposers of the community impact concerns, review and comment on the consistency of proposed plans while partnering with local community groups to facilitate citizen participation to ensure equitable outcomes for all. 


  • Ensure the successful negotiation and signing of a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) that compliment efforts to build a vital local economy with specific measures of accountability.
  • Confirm that proposed project is integrated well with the adjacent and regional assets and promote uses of the complex that support these assets rather than duplicate them.
  • Promote uses of the building that invite public access and reject those that do not.
  • Support a process that aims to re-envision the needs and goals of a successful urban development project in today’s climate.

  • Bring diverse industries that build community wealth and our local tax base that builds on the capacity of customers and residents to do for self.
  • Reduce a culture of dependency by promoting strong customer based services to promote self-sufficiency in a “one stop” place based facility with multiple resources.
  • Create aligned synergy between all proposed partners with the needs of the community.
  • Collaborate to build a facility that reflects the cultural and racial heritage of the community mostly in its employee base, design and economic exchange outcomes. 
  • Make certain that there are strong and safe public transportation access points that include metro transit systems, bike trails and light rail accessibility. 
  • Add value to existing local institutions.
  • Develop an attractive development for future partners who become interested in building collaborative partnerships with the local community.

Last Updated March 12, 2013